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Ambience - Piano.co.uk  is a semi-acoustic instrumental piano project founded in London in 2013 by a classically trained pianist. 
Ambience - Piano 's music is romantic and elegant. It contains reworked versions of famous classical masterpieces with elements of new age genre. It is used by listeners to create a peaceful and charming atmosphere for weddings, parties, events, special occasions, business needs and everyday life.
Ambience - Piano developed its own distinct piano sound with an ambient background. There are no lyrics or sudden chords in the music. Ambience - Piano's for the most part, so the whole message is transmitted through the rhythm, melody, piano solo sound,natural sounds of the animals, birds or nature.
Ambience - Piano 's music is a balance of musical trends, including classical and contemporary piano. The inspiration for the creation of the project came from the desire to promote instrumental music and make an exciting piano sound that develops relaxation, inspiration, optimism and  presented a new form of melodic background with music technology components. 
The debut album was expected in 2019 .  Ambience - Piano project has recently released an acoustic version of one of the tracks which will be on that album . 
Ambience - Piano 's compositions can be easily found, streamed and downloaded via the most  popular digital services and platforms.
Ambience - Piano is an independent recording artist. Recordings are represented by PPL music licence.
Ambience - Piano has an extensive concert programme planned to perform it into regional venues across London.
Ambience - Piano is performing their own arrangements. Arrangements are represented by PRS writer licence.
Ambience - Piano 's soloists are all highly qualified, experienced musicians. Public Liability Insurance provided by AXA Inurance UK.
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